Sunday, November 01, 2009

Install Windows 7 Professional 64 on Dell XPS M1530

This Saturday, I upgraded my Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional 64 version. I have done research on the upgrade and prepared some drivers in case I needed. But it seems it's different from what people said. Here is what I did, and hopefully it can help people who need to install Windows 7 on Dell XPS M1530.

  1. Backup all useful data, such as favourites, documents and photos.
  2. Use Windows 7 DVD to load the system.
  3. In the window which partition will be used to install Windows 7, click advanced options, here we can format C partition. But DO NOT do anything to other partition. If we format C disk only, Direct Media function will remain after installation.
  4. Wait for about 30 minutes, Windows 7 should be ready to use.
  5. Go to control panel, update Windows 7. It will update some drivers as well. After that, there still is one device is unrecognised in the Device Manager. It is Ricoh R5C833 card reader, the driver can be download via, which is a Windows 7 driver.
  6. After this step, my Bluetooth device was detected and worked well. Some people have issues with this device.
  7. Now, download the fingerprint reader driver and application from Dell XPS M1530 driver download page. Remember to select Vista 64 as the system. If you have the Protector Suite QL 5.8, no need to download the application from Dell. Install the driver, restart the system; install the software, restart the system.
  8. For the webcam, download the driver and Dell webcam manager from the Dell XPS M1530 driver download page. DO NOT use the Dell webcam manager that comes with your computer, unless the version is the same with the latest one provided on the website.
  9. Do the same, i.e. download vista 64 driver from XPS M1530 driver page, for the SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio, touch-pad and Dell Quickset. After this, when you change volume by multimedia button, the indication should be shown.
  10. If you want to use Media Direct in Windows, install the software and apply the update from Dell website.
  11. Now, your system should work well and it is time to install your own software ;).
  12. If you have trouble with the audio, download the driver for Studio XPS 1645, the link is
  13. For other drivers, such as QuickSet, the one from XPS 1645 will do.

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  1. thanks you helped me out with the quickset. I had issues and the one from xps1645 worked.
    thanks again