Friday, December 11, 2009

Enable forward/Inverse search with DVI in TexMakerX

TexMakerX is a fork of TexMaker with many enhanced features. However, following the user manual, you cannot enable the forward/Inverse search function. Ok, let's make it short, here is the workaround.

First, follow the instruction given at or TexMakerX user manual.

Then change the latex command line to
latex --src -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex

Now, enjoy.


  1. When I followed the user manual for TeXMakerX, forward/inverse dvi search worked but I needed to put the command \usepackage{srcltx} in the preamble of the LaTeX document. Does the command line option --src cause LaTeX to accomplish the same thing?

  2. Yes, it does the same thing.