Monday, April 16, 2007

Enjoy table editing in LaTex

In LaTex, editing tables, especially large tables always drive you crazy. People who use Winshell and WinEdt can use table creation wizard, but what can other people do using other latex editors? Suffering the pain? The answer is no.

Latable is the savior. Here are the features in their website:
  • Near-WYSIWYG editing style;
  • Real-time LaTeX code preview;
  • Simple navigation through the table;
  • Limited clipboard support for import/export into other spreadsheet and text editors;
  • CSV file format support;
  • Generates 'tabular', 'array' and custom environments;
  • Support for custom column formats;
I want to point out that it supports prefix and postfix, which is a useful feature. And of course, it is more powerful than WinEdt table wizard.
The official website is where the figure in this post comes.

Update: now the official website is not accessible. Visit to download the software (version 0.72). Note that, the Latable on CTAN is not the newest version.

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