Thursday, April 05, 2007

Free software 19: Mousotron Pro

How many meters does your mouse cursor move every day ?
How many mouse clicks do you do ? How many keystrokes do you use?

If you are interested in these data, try this software: Mousotron. Here are the features listed in the website:

- view distance in Metric system or English system
- Animated background (turn on/off option)
- Support for all monitor sizes
- Stay-on-Top option
- Runs on startup
- Saves distance history
- Easy Setup
- display number of keystrokes
- display number of mouseclicks (left, right, middle and double)
- configurable display options
- Time logging and display in several modes
- Scroll Wheel Support
- Upload your scores online
- Multiple Languages : English, French, German and lots more

The official website:

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