Monday, April 30, 2007

Enhance the PowerPoint using LaTex

When preparing the upcoming presentation, I find equation is a big problem in PowerPoint. Capture the screen maybe a good choice or buy the expensive MathType. In the past, TexPoint was a great software, but it is not any more in terms of performance-price ratio,since TexPoint charges US$30 and I don't agree with the author about that US$30 is a small money.

When you read this article, you should know, of course, I have found an alternative tool and it is free ;P. The tool is Tex4PPT, which brings the Tex equation power to your PowerPoint. The newest version is released in 2005, it is not compatible with PowerPoint 2007 (but the author said new version compatible with PowerPoint 2007 will be released). I tested it in PowerPoint 2003, the equation display is really good.

More information can be found in the official website:

Chinese version:


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