Saturday, May 31, 2008

Virtual PC has encountered an error on the host while copying files; An error in Virtual PC has occurred

Finally I have got a large hard disk in my laptop. I can try all kinds of the software now, of course, in the virtual machine.

My operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium. When I was installing Virtual PC 2007 sp1, a window popped up telling me "this version of Windows is not supported by VPC 2007". Moreover, in the official website, it is said "Virtual PC 2007 runs on: Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Tablet PC, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, and Windows Vista Ultimate. " However, after I searched the Internet, found that you can run Virtual PC 2007 on Windows Vista Home Premium, but you cannot get official technical support.

After preparing everything, I started to play with the new toy. It's fun. The only issue I had was an error that appeared when I dragged files from the guest to the host machine.
Virtual PC has encountered an error on the host while copying files; An error in
Virtual PC has occurred.

Lucky me, thought I gave up yesterday, this is solved today. In the settings of a virtual machine, there is a branch called networking. If you choose Shared networking (NAT) as the adapter, the error aforementioned will occur. Simply choosing your real physical adapter will solve this issue.


  1. I had the same error but for a different reason.

    Host system running virtual pc from my desktop:
    Dll P490 (dual socket, dual core xeon cpu motherboard populated with one physical cpu which supports hardware virtualization. 2 GB of memory. This pc logs into a corporte nt domain.

    OS: xp pro sp2

    Virtual Machine:
    xp pro sp2.

    I added Virtual Machine Additions to this vm.
    Networking was set to the actual network card in my pc: Broadcom 57xx gigabit nic.

    I was running a slightly older version of virtual pc: vpc 2007 (but not sp1?).

    The problem came after I created new *.vmc files for an existing machine. I tried uninstalling vpc, rebooting and installing the latest: Virtual PC 2007 v6.0.192.0 SP1. However, setup.exe would no longer run. I double clicked it and nothing happened and there were no error messages!

    I then copied the *.vhd and *.vmc files to a different pc running xp and vpc and everything worked fine. So I knew the actual vm was fine.

    SOLUTION: I deleted my existing nt dommain logon profile under c:\documents and settings\username and created a new user profile. From then on everything worked. Maybe there was corruption in my ntuser.dat file?

  2. I forgot to mention that I first installed the latest version of virtual pc and then added the same existing vm that where I was getting the error when copying the files to the desktop.

    Also, I had several vm's running xp pro sp2 and virtual machine additions all had the same error when copying files to the desktop. Some had sharing enabled others did not.

  3. Thanks mrbios. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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