Saturday, May 24, 2008

Logging in Gmail: Operation aborted

What is the most annoying thing when you try to read your email?

Yes, you cannot access your email box. Just several days ago, my housemate asked me did I have any trouble with Gmail logging in. He showed me the screen "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site Operation aborted."

'No, I don't have that problem at all.' I replied. Unfortunately, I had the same issue today. A temporary solution is deleting IE cache. However, you have to repeat this action again and again. That is, every time you re-log in, you have to delete the files.

Since there are lots of people around the world have the same problem, it's reasonable that this is Gmail's fault, and it really is. This is one of Gmail Known Issues.

Currently, what you can do is, running into Firefox's arm or use the old version of Gmail, whose link is

In fact, the new version of Gmail has the similar problem with Firefox 2. Though Firefox won't tell you operation aborted, it loads and reloads the loading bar page endlessly, and doesn't enter into Gmail.

In the Gmail help, it is said only some Internet Explorer 7 users are reporting the error message. However, I do think, most is more suitable here.

So far, according to my experience, Yahoo provides the most stable service.

Update: This issue may have been solved.

Chinese version: 登录Gmail:操作已中止.

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