Thursday, January 18, 2007

Boring breakfast in Australia

My roommate has the same breakfast everyday: weet-bix (this is the only brand he buys), milk, and a few dry fruits, which makes me extremely curious: why does he never get bored of the same breakfast? Finally one day, I asked him this question. He didn't answer me, but told me, every Australian kid is a weet-bix kid. At that time, the idea flashed in my mind was that kids living in Australia are quite poor, they don't have choices for breakfast but weet-bix. Of course, it is impossible for me to bear such boring breakfast, that is why I always try different breakfast and life is rich and colorful. But you know, I do have the wheat biscuits too, just because it is easy to make...;P.

However, my roommate is getting tired of the same breakfast in my point of view. At the beginning when I moved in, he did have the "same 3" everyday. But recently, he may have instant noodle instead, or just have a little "same 3", then some leftovers (usually cooked by me ;P ).

Anyway, I missed, am missing, will miss varied Chinese breakfast, lots I have already known, lots I even haven't tried....

Update: 23 Jan.
My roommate insists that the same breakfast he has every day is not boring at all. To prove his viewpoint, he got his parents involved. He said his mother has a piece of toast, a cup of milk and one weet-bix every single day; his father has two and a half pieces of toast (the left half is enjoyed by the dog ;P), a cup of tea and some dry fruits for breakfast every day. I got the picture: his evidence strongly supports my opinion-how boring breakfast is in Australia!

Chinese version:



  1. can you post us some pics and examples of chinese breakfasts? i'd love to see!

  2. ;) Dear, visit to get what you want ;P