Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Free software 12: Family tree

In fact, I tested two softwares for genealogy or family tree long time ago, but just too lazy to write down;). Last Sunday, I found the price of a family tree software was $99, so I decided to recommend the free family tree makers as soon as possible.

The first one is GenealogyJ, which is a open source software, (of course, it is free.) It is written in Java. You can create family tree, table, timeline and more. Unluckily, it is designed for letters only. If you store information with East Asia characters, although it can display when you type in, you cannot read them from the stored file. So, if you prefer to East Asia characters rather than English to store your genealogy, please go to software 2 ;P .

The second software is OhmiGene,available in French and English. The Data are saved with UTF8.

I am not going to judge which software is better, just try it, and find which one is your favourate. The official websites are: and

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