Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Free software 11: CA Anti-Virus 2007

Update: this software is no longer provided.

In a previous post, I brought you an anti-virus software called Active Virus Shield , this time I will introduce another anti-virus software: CA Anti-Virus 2007. In fact, CA Anti-Virus 2007 is not a free software, but it provides 12 months free trial if you download it from this website:

This software is only recommended to the fans of CA anti-virus software. If you just want to find a good, free anti-virus software, I still suggest Active Virus Shield that is more powerful and reliable. According to my experience, CA anti-virus software may perform well in USA, but not in other countries, never in China.

To apply for CA Anti-Virus 2009, go to Again, unless you are fan of this software, it is not recommended.

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