Friday, November 17, 2006

"Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access" Error Message When Chkdsk Runs at Startup

At, Microsoft presents that "Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access" error message when Chkdsk runs at startup can be solved by upgrading to windows XP sp2. However, still lots of people suffered, are suffering or will suffer this error message even if they are running on sp2.

Possibly, what you will meet are as follows:

1 In the Windows Command Prompt window, provided C disk has some problem, run chkdsk c: /f doesn't make the windows XP load chkdsk at startup. However, if you run chkdsk c: /r instead, chkdsk will run but the "Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access" error message will come.

2 If you try to search Microsoft knowledge base, it will tell the relationship between chkdsk and session manager. But the command relating to C disk doesn't work.

3 If you run Diskeeper to defragment, the error message will be "Diskeeper has detected that CHKDSK is scheduled to run on the volume: Please run CHKDSK /F." (Official solution can be found at, but it doesn't help much.)

Tried most solutions but didn't work? Don't re-install Windows XP SP2 now, try Windows XP Recovery Console first. Use the command chkdsk c: or chkdsk c:/p to repair it.

How to use Windows XP Recovery Console can be found at


  1. This happened to me. I have Lenovo x300 notebook. It turned out it was because there was a problem with Lenovo (previously IBM)'s Rescue and Recovery program. I ran a system update from ThinkAdvantage and it installed an update for the program and solved the problem.

  2. Resolved by uninstalling IE7 then going back to a restore point before IE7 was installed. This fixed it. The problem was NOT caused by the latest NOD32 anti virus definitions. Michael 2009-10-09