Friday, April 11, 2014

BD/DVD rom won’t read movie discs, but data discs OK

I don’t use my BD-rom often, maybe only several times a year. As far as I could remember, last time I had problem with it was almost half a year ago: it failed my three blank DVDs. But I was in a hurry, so didn’t investigate further, and forgot it completely afterwards.
Until today. Didn’t know where the idea came from, I wanted to watch a DVD. The disc was put in, but the BD-rom tried for a few seconds, and then the light went off. As a result, the windows didn’t think there was any disc there.
My first thought was hardware failure. But I highly doubted it. I don’t use it often, and it was working before. Therefore, I tried a data disc, and it worked! So basically I could rule out hardware failure.
Tried to uninstall and  reinstall the BD rom, and Microsoft fix it. No luck. The issue still remained unsolved. It didn’t look like a software issue either. Then I came to this post  DVD/RW will not read anything. That’s it. I followed the cleaning solution from Naveen:
... and I started cleaning the DVD lens with an ear bud.
When I pressed the lens it was moving in to/fro motion, i moved it left/right couple of time rotated the bud to clean the lens.... and that's it..Life was never the same again ..
The movie finally came alive…

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