Thursday, May 03, 2012

Latex bibentry package and IEEE bibliography style

When I used Latex bibentry package together with IEEEtran bibliography style, an error would occur:
paragraph ended before \BR@bibitem was complete.

Googled but didn't find any solution until came to this page. The solution is to use the IEEEtrantools LaTeX package

To use the package, load it using

The option [retainorgcmds] asks IEEEtrantools NOT to override the standard LaTeX itemize, enumerate and description list environments.

Of course you need to load bibentry


Add the following entry to the .bib file:

        CTLdash_repeated_names = {no},
        CTLuse_alt_spacing = {no}}

This entry is to give you the access to the IEEEtran.bst controls. CTLdash_repeated_names controls whether dashes are used for repeated names or not. CTLuse_alt_spacing controls the alternate interword spacing for bib entries with URLs. The label of the entry "BSTcontrol" can be changed as long as you use the same name in the \bstctlcite{} command.

After the \begin{document} command, add

\bstctlcite{BSTcontrol} % activate the IEEEtran controls.
Now the bibentry works well with IEEEtran style.



  1. Hi there,

    I tried this solution to get the IEEETran style to work with tufte-latex book, which requires bibentry, but somehow this solution did not work.

    Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?


    1. Hi, Don,

      Did you follow the instruction exactly? Have you tried other Latex document classes?

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  3. thank you very much for these instructions!

  4. It doesnt work when the bibtex entry has the url field.

    1. You can use url, depends on that in which field you put it.

    2. Sorry, the hyperref package is conflicting with bibentry.


    3. Hi, I checked your file. The error is not related to this post. If you follow the post correctly and have all the necessary files, there are no issues at all.