Friday, February 25, 2011

Battery power drain during laptop hibernation

I bought a new laptop that comes with Windows 7, and noticed that the battery power drains around 10% in just one night. This is not right. At first, I thought maybe I was not lucky, got a faulty laptop. But then I thought I shouldn't be that unlucky. So I searched the Internet, it seems there are some Thinkpad users have this issue and this problem and some were fixed by a software patch.

If it is not a faulty laptop, I suspected some devices woke up. But I didn't know which one. So, I disabled the wake timers in the Advance settings of the Power options. In the following days, the battery power drain didn't repeat.

Note that, the battery and power adapter of my laptop also have been replaced. So if the software trick doesn't work, you may need to consider the hardware issue. I cannot decide which 'fix' really fixes the problem since they were done almost at the same time.

It happened again, but only once. Thus I was not sure what caused that. Treated it as an isolated case.

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