Thursday, September 02, 2010

Error: 0x80070079 The semaphore timeout period has expired

This is what happened.

I inserted my SDHC card into my laptop card reader. Then I chose to import the images to my computer. But I canceled half way. After that I managed to cut some files from the card to the laptop. Then I didn't know what happened but the nightmare began.

I tried to copy a file into the card, an error appeared:
Error: 0x80070079 The semaphore timeout period has expired.

However, there was a file existed in the card, with the same filename. At this time, I was able to delete this file. So unplugged my computer and restarted it, but it was getting worse. I could open the root directory of the SDHC card, but couldn't get further because the error mentioned above would be thrown by the system.

After testing, I was sure my card functioned well and suspected it was caused by the card reader driver. So I went to Control panel --> Device manger, and uninstalled the card reader device. Then restarted the computer, installed the newest driver of the card reader. After all the steps, it is working well now.

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