Thursday, March 12, 2009

Find out Evernote web clipper for Evernote 2 and Firefox 3

I got a new desktop for my study two days ago. When I reinstalled Evernote 2, there was a problem. The web clipper comes with the installer doesn't support Firefox 3. I went to the Evernote official website, ended with nothing. No more support is provided for Evernote 2 users.

The website does have a web clipper, but that is for Evernote 3. At the moment, I would like to stick to the 2 version. I tried lots of keywords to search, but cannot get anything more than a vain attempt.

Fortunately, the IT guy hasn't taken my old computer away. So I turned it on and copied the version of the web clipper. After searching the Internet using the version, finally I got the file I wanted. The link is available at I also uploaded this file to for future use. Now files are modified to be compatible with Firefox 3.5.


  1. Thank you! I been looking for FF clipper 2. I find Evernote 3 a bit too obtrusive and prefer to stick with version 2. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much! I've been looking for this, too!

  3. Thank so much! I spent two hours trying to go back to Web Clipper 2 after an unfortunate upgrade to FF 3.5!

    If you find it useful - there are instructions on how to make Web Clipper work with FF 3.5 before actually installing it (pulled from the official Evernote add-on page on :

    want to stick to my Evernote 2 (I don't need yet another online account, even if its "free", thank you).

    So the one way I got it to work with Firefox 3.5 is to actually

    1. download the old web clipper addon (here:

    (***** The link above does not work anymore, thank god for your backup **** )

    2. unzip it in its own directory (yes it's really a zip file)

    3. edit install.rdf (it's a text file) in the "Firefox" section, change
    and save

    4. re-zip the package (keeping the same directory structure as the original xpi file), make sure that the extension of the zip file is .xpi

    5. drag and drop the resulting xpi in Firefox

    6. voila

  4. Thanks for your comments. I will upload the new one. Didn't upload it because of being lazy ;P.

  5. Thank so much. I can't believe Evernote's trying to kill off good ol' v2. I like keeping things on my desktop and handling my own replication at the filesystem level, and just haven't gotten my brain around the v3 ways of doing things. Also wasn't willing to hold back on updating FF, so thanks again!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thought the Evernote v2 clipper was gone forever. I appreciate your foresite in downloading and saving the clipper.

  7. thank you!!

  8. You are an angel.
    I love you so much.
    Really appreciate you!

  9. Dude, THANK YOU!!! I decided to try version 3 and what a mistake that was. You have to keep it running to use the clipper????

  10. "You have to keep it running to use the clipper????"

    No, you don't need to.

  11. Hey Guy,
    thanks a lot for this download. Helped me a lot!!

  12. Mate, u r a lifesaver!! Thanks a million...thought i couldn't use Evernote v2 clipper with FireFox 3.5 anymore...not sure what Evernote had in mind with's a dog's breakfast!!...Thanks again for ur help...

  13. I've posted a page at
    which is an official, if you will, download page for all things EverNote 2. Well, all things as far as Windows OS goes ... so far. I think it'll be a long time til XP is extinct so we're good at least that long. Freely take and enjoy. If anyone has EN2 installers for other operating systems, please donate to the cause. I'll be glad to post them.

  14. Joining the littany...thank you, thank you, thank you, I can hardly live without Evernote and your fix worked perfectly!

  15. I also think EN2 is great. I just made a community page for it on facebook:

  16. As an Evernote 2 user who paid for their version, I was annoyed when the Firefox web clipper stopped being updated for new versions, Drag-n-drop worked fine, but was not as convenient.

    So upon new computer purchase, I took the plunge and updated to Evernote 3 before reading the fine print, only to find that I needed to create a web account before it would even load it. Then found that it would not read version 2 data as I had not updated to an intermediate V3 version that did the conversion to the new format. Then found out they wanted a yearly subscription instead of a one-time payment.

    Well, I don’t use it for web storage of my data, and don’t feel like paying $45.00 per year to lose the ads.

    So, I wiped it, disabled my empty Evernote account and reinstalled the version I paid for onto my Windows 7 64 bit computer, installed JL's Firefox clipper extension and have moved on with life.

    If they want me to upgrade, they will have to offer a paid version with a one-time fee. I don’t really care if it has Web Storage, I’d rather not have to worry about my account getting hacked as I use it to store some business information that doesn’t need to be exposed.