Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TeXnicCenter is back!

In my opinion, TeXnicCenter is the best Latex editor among a number of freewares and sharewares. However, lacking of developers, TeXnicCenter seemed to fade away after releasing the Beta 7.01 in June 2006. Last week, when I visited their website, found that a new maintainer for the software development joined. Moreover, a new version Beta 7.50 was released in June 2008.

Although TeXnicCenter versions always come with "Beta", it has been proven to be stable. The developer will release a stable version at the end of 2008, with Unicode support.

LED is another great software with so-called Unicode support. The newest version was released in May, 2008. An annoying bug with LED is that, you cannot type in Chinese. If you do so, the editor cannot display the characters correctly. This issue has been reported with the coming of 5.x version of LED last year. But it seems that it is not a problem to the software author at all.

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