Saturday, December 29, 2007

Switch to Yahoo mail from hotmail easily

I have hotmail accounts, but I never use it. The huge ugly ad always takes too much space. Now, Yahoo 7 ( provides a switch service. The Switch service copies emails and contacts and won't do anything with the old account. Yahoo 7 claimes there is zero risk. Currently, this service supports switching from Hotmail and Google Mail, as well as OptusNet's webmail service.

There are two advantages of this service. First it supports twos domains ( and In other words, even your account is with, you still can transfer the data.

The second one is supporting Optus webmail. I strongly suggest any users DO NOT use the email service provided the ISP. That is, DO NOT use the email whose addresses end with, or @any ISP domain. Once you want to swith to another ISP, it will be a big problem to notify all the contacts. Because, obvisouly, the ISP will cancel your email account when you are not with them anymore.

If you want to use the Yahoo 7 email with unlimited storage now, it is the time. Simple go to and follow the steps.

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