Monday, July 16, 2007

Latex hyperref and cite packages

There is a conflict between cite package and hyperref package. Hyperref cannot generate hyper links from the citations generated by cite. Cite package is used to sort and compress numerical citations. Another package natbib can be used alternatively to solve this compatibility issue.

However, when one of the options sort&compress or compress in the \usepackage[]{natbib} command is used, the options backref and pagebackref of hyperref encounter a problem. The compressed references don’t have back hyper links. For example, with [39-43], the reference 40 doesn’t have back reference hyper links. To solve this issue, simply discard compress option and reuse it in the final copy.

One more, cite and natbib cannot stay together ;P.

Chinese version:

Latex 宏包: hyperref 和 cite


  1. Thanks very much for this post. I had been only using hyperref during the draft stages and finally implemented the cite package for its compress feature which, of course, broke the hyperlinks. Using natbib now with the appropriate options and everything is great again!

  2. Include the cite package after hyperref and hyperlinks for citations will be generated. However, the numerical citations don't seem to be compressed, still working on that...

    \usepackage{cite} %after hyperref

  3. Does natbib work with bibtex ?
    I have still a problem using hyperref and natbib with the bibliography.

  4. Natbib works with bibtex

  5. There is also a package hypernat that should make compressed citations work when hyperref and natbib are used together.

  6. I have use a non-standard style (.bst file) for my bibliography, which is not natbib compatible as far as I know.
    Thans to the cite package (after the hyperref package) compressing citations while maintaining hyperlinks works! Thanks guys!

  7. Hi all,

    I just wanted to tell you that I was able to use cite and hyperref packages.
    The point is that older versions of cite package didn't support hyperref, but the new one does.

    Hope this helps.