Friday, June 08, 2007

Free software 22: QT TabBar, enhance your windows explorer

What is the application you use most frequently everyday? It is the windows explorer. There are many alternatives available, either commercial or free. But some people would like to stick to the original windows explorer. What they need is QT TabBar, an enhancement of windows explorer.

The functions I like is the application quick links, groups, history, tab browse, subfold viewer, and select the file name part only when you rename a file.

Download the QT TabBar from, unzip it into the place you want to store. Run RegisterQTTabBar.exe to install. Then restart or re-log in your computer. Open the windows explorer, right click on the toolbar, select QT TabBar and QT Tab Standard buttons. Maybe you would like to configure a little more to suit you, such as run QTShortcutKeyEditor.exe to specify the keyboard shortcuts.

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