Monday, May 28, 2007

Free software 21: launch programs and documents using keyboard

A part of computer users like to use keyboard rather than mouse. Usually they move the mouse when they launch programs or open documents. Now, it is time to free the mouse, it travels too much!

Key Launch and launchy are two small programs that help you launch programs or documents by keywords. For example, if you want to launch MATLAB using your keyboard, simply call the programs and type 'MATLAB'. That is so easy! Even type the wrong words, you may still get what you want.

Generally, launchy is smaller with less function, and takes less computer resource. But it is enough for normal use. Key Launch is more powerful, which means you'd better have a good computer.

(Images shown in this post come from their official websites.)
Key Launch's official website is:
Launchy's official website is:

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