Saturday, February 17, 2007

Insert a pair of brackets automatically in Latex editor

Brackets, '{}' are frequently used in Latex, and it is possible to miss one when editing a complex math equation. In LEd, you can insert a pair of brackets automatically, which may help you receive less errors from Latex. And, the exciting thing is that your cursor is locating just between them.

1. Go to View\Toolbars\Adjust menu, or right click on the toolbar, and select Adjust;
2. switch to Commands tab;
3. select User commands branch and click on + button, a popup command window will appear;
4. In the popup window, set hotkey to Shift+[ (copy as is), and in Text tab type: {_} (copy as is); if you didn't add any user command before, the ident should be CMD1. If the ident looks strange, modify it. The name field can be changed as you wish.
5. done.


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