Thursday, February 01, 2007

Free software 16: Locate32

What is your current search software? Windows built-in search , Yahoo desktop search, or google desktop search? Are they really what you need?

I used google desktop search for a while, but most of the time I found I searched the file names only. It is not wise to keep google desktop search in my computer, because it usually occupies more than 1 GB hard disk space. And I found Locate32 is the right search software.

Locate32 saves names of all files in your hard drives and store it in a file database. When you type keywords in and 'Enter', the results come out instantly. Of course, you have to ask Locate32 to index your computer first. Usually, depending on your computer and files, it may take several seconds to several minutes. Even in a computer with 10 drives, 5 of which are 400GB or larger, it takes only an hour to index and gives instantaneous results.

The official website is

There is another software in Chinese is as good as Locate32, if you are interested in it, please refer to:


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